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The development trend of gas producer

Judging from both energy saving and environmental protection, the inspection of gas producer showed that the cooled gas produced by single-stage gas producer had severe pollution on water. It is especially true when the gas was washed and cooled directly with water during purification process, which could bring out many impurities of the gas. The resulted carbolisata aqua had severe pollution on environment. The purification of two-stage gas producer adopts the method of indirect cooling, which avoids pollution on water and better reflects the superiority of the two-stage gas producer; since the gasification intensity of single-stage gas producer is lower, the carbonization layer is lengthened on the basis of original gasification layer in the two-stage gas producer, making the coal in semicoke state when entering the gasification layer and the gasification more complete. It can be seen from coal cinder clearly that the carbon rate in cinder produced from two-stage gas producer is very low, averagely about 12% while about 20% in single-stage gas producer. Meanwhile pollution of the new two-stage gas producer can be addressed completely; but it remains difficult to address the pollution in single-stage ones. With the global attention paid to environmental protection, it is no doubt that it will be the ultimate trend of ceramic enterprise development to use clean energy and that gas producer will also create huge economic benefit for the society. Therefore, it has become the focus of the industry to properly deal with the use of gas producer. By improving the use security and environmental protection standard of the gas producer and formulating more strict access system and operation standard, the win-win result that benefiting both society and enterprise will be reached. Based on characteristics of the above two gas producers, single-stage gas producer will withdraw from the market gradually because of its low increase while the two-stage one will become increasingly important in the market by replacing single-stage ones.