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Two-stage producer partition style pyrolysis section

  Cross partition pyrolysis method produced by our company owns the advantage of adequate pyrolysis and coal distribution and through 8-10 hours' pyrolysis, the fuel will become carbocoal. The Chinese Academy of Science has measured that its fugitive constituent is 2014%. The efficiency of the partition style pyrolysis section is better than any other method, satisfying the requirement of energy conservation and environment protection. The two-stage series product of our company gained the name of new product at nation level, the "first prize"of science and technology progress of the mechanical department, the "first prize of the excellent engineering" promulgated by China IPPR International Engineering Corporation ( the general design institute of the original mechanical department), "science and technology achievement award" promulgated by national science and technology commission, "the third prize of revitalizing Shandong through science and technology" of Shandong province and "the silver prize of spark program achievement intersection meeting of Shandong",etc. is the high efficiency, energy conservation and environment protection product recommended nationwide by the national science and technology commission. The cross partition of the producer the export of the lower stage gas