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Two-stage producer pyrolysis section partition style Compared with the central tube type on the heat transfer effect

  The effect of the two-stage gas producer pyrolysis is depended upon the form of the pyrolysis stage which contains central tube type and partition type. The structure of the upper stage is very simply with few bricklaying, however, it needs qualified heat resistance stainless steel. During the process of operation, the upper stage's temperature needs to be controlled because the central tube will be burnt down with high temperature. Once some factories' central tubes dropped because the central tubes had been burnt down due to high temperature.
  The bricklaying of the upper partition type has a large workload, however, the heat transfer effect will be better and the pyrolysis will be more adequate because refractory brick stores heat.
  On the whole, the pyrolysis effect of the partition type is better, while the heat transfer effect of the central tube type is also ok to the two-stage producers with small diameter. The low temperature inadequate pyrolysis of the central part of the girdle within firepots with big diameter will cause the low heat value of the gas and the lower stage gas will contain a large number of coke tar.