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The selection principle for coal gasfication

As sent to factories, the frequently-used coal is generally falled into mixed coal, lump coal and powder coal. We can use different coal according to the different gasfication process, for instance, fixed bed gasifier (ordinary pressure or high pressure) shall use lump coal and fluidized bed gasifier shall use powder coal which shall be made by grinding the material with 0-1mm and approximately 85% coal powder shall pass 200-eye sieve pore, that is, the diameter is less than 0.1 mm.
When the gasfication of the fixed bed, the larger size coal has been used due to the long time stay in the material lay so as to meet the reaction of coal and gas during the long process of gasfication. According to the categories of coal, different sizes of coal has been used, for instance, gasified soft coal's size may reach to 15-70mm, gasified coke 13-25 or 25-50mm, while the two-stage producer's gasfication will be more strict. Generally, 25-50mm's coal will be better to D2/D1≯2.
In the fluidized bed gasifier, because the coal will be in boiling status, if the size is bigger, the air inported will not support it, so generally 0-10mm's coal will be used and it will stay in the gasifier for 15 minutes.
In the fluidized bed gasifier, coal will stay in the firepot for about 1 second, so only the fine coal particle can gasify in short time and the gasified particles can fluide under the drive of high speed air current.