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Ordinary pressure circulating fluidized bed technology

The circulating fluidized bed owns the following characteristics: high heat transfer and mass transfer rate, even temperature in the bed layer, strong adaptability to coal categories, high production capacity of the unit volume, mature technology and easy to realize large scale, etc. The circulating fluidized bed gasifying technology is one of the main usages in using coal in a high efficiency and clean manner and one of the most important process engineering in clean energy production of the modern coal chemical industry and IGCC.
Jinan Huangtai Gas Furnace Co. Ltd. and Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences successfully developed the product suitable to the circulating fluidized bed gasifying technology of coal dust. Overcome the restriction of the fixed bed type producer by the technology of using cheap powder coal to make the circulating bed gas of industrial fuel gas which can be widely used in such industry as colored, metallurgy, mechinery, chemical industry and building materials, etc.

3000Nm3/h ordinary pressure circulating fluidized bed brown coal gas making engineering