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The application of gas producer in lime kiln and aluminum ore kiln

New environmental lime kiln and aluminum ore kiln are normally designed with coal gas burning in the gas stove. And in reality, some use the single-stage gas producer, and in spite of lower cost than that of two-stage gas producer, its process is simple and generated coal gas is heated crude gas. And it is easy to cause gas interruption for short time when adding coal, so the atmosphere will be unstable which can influence the production and product quality. During operation, due to the restraint of self conditions, the fire is easy to deviate or burn out, so it can result in an decrease in the coal gas production and increase in the coal consumption. In design, the two-stage coal has basically eradiated above disadvantages, with simpler operation, higher automation and more advanced instrument display. Although the cost of two-stage gas producer is higher than that of single-stage gas producer, the high-quality tar produced in the electrical tar precipitator applied in the two-stage gas producer enjoys a good sale, priced at about RMB 2500 per ton, and forty to fifty kilograms of tar per ton of coal. So in the long running, the operating cost of two-stage gas producer is lower. Generally, all investment can be returned in tow year, and it is an updated environment-friendly product.