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Perfect standards for two-stage coal gas producer

1. Complete parts, and its quality complies with requirements.
(1).Two-stage coal gas ptoducer has complete main parts, with material, manufacturing and installation quality up to design standards.
(2). The corrosion, wear and tear, and scrubbing of bunker, rotary mechanical coal feeder, stove top, destructive distillation stage, water-cooling cabinet, water leg, grate, ash basin, worm and gear, or ratchet wheel pawl, ash basin legs or supports, blast pipe, and steam drum are within the allowed range.
(3). Manometer, temperature instrument, safety valve, level meter, electrical device, operation and adjustment device are complete, sensitive and reliable.
(4). The foundation of two-stage coal gas producer. The pedestal is solid and complete, and the foundation has no uneven subsidence, slanting or cracks. The basis embedded iron and landing legs in the foundation, and ash basin landing legs or ash basin supports welding is reliable. The bolt connection of equipment is solid, complete and complies with design requirements.
(5) Safety devices such as the safety valves and level meters are solid, complete and valid.
(6) Principle components such as valves and pipes are installed reasonably, with a tidy appearance and obvious color codes in line with design requirements.
(7) Water leg is without bumps, leakage, scaling, but with good water circulation.
(8) Water cooling cabinet is without leakage and scaling, but with good water circulation.
(9) The refractory bricks in the stage of destructive distillation is without collapse and obvious cracks, and the corrosion, wearing and scrubbing of the internal central tubes is within the designed allowed range. The passage is smooth without blocking.
2. The equipment is under normal operation, with good performance, which is up to the designed capacity or checked and adjusted capacity.
(1) Two-stage coal gas producer is under normal operation without ultra-high temperature, and overpressure, which is up to the designed capacity or checked and adjusted capacity.
(2) The lubrication is good, and various oil quality conforms to technological requirements.
(3) Operation parameters such as current, voltage, revolving speed, temperature, pressure, material level, coal gas content and slag content comply with design requirements.
(4) Worm and gear reducer and shafting or ratchet wheel pawl is under stable operation without vibration, looseness, collision, and abnormal noises.
3、Technical information shall be complete and correct.
(1) Two-stage coal gas producer design drawing, installation and trial run records are complete and accurate.
(2) Two-stage coal gas producer soft steam drum and water leg completion drawing, manufacturing certificate, product quality certificate, quick-wear parts and Pressure Vessel Product Safety Supervision and Inspection Certificate of technological supervising department are complete.