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How can coal gas producer save energy?

The energy is one of material resources indispensable from industrial production and human life, so energy conservation has attracted the world attention, especially in our country without rich resources, the energy conservation is of vital importance for us to realize the four modernizations. So how can our coal gas save energy?
1. The reasonable control and utilization of coal gas are the preconditions of energy conservation?
Coal gas producer is a equipment for continuous gas production, and corresponding blower, pressurizer, circulating pump and electrical precipitator are all arranged according to certain scale, and their efficiency are the highest at full load. In other words, i.e., under the condition of normal production, the coal gas station consumes the least energy consumption, and is the most economical. However, at present the production of many coal gas stations are periodical with large load fluctuation. Except the difficulty in production management, its energy consumption is very server, and its main representation is as follows:
(1) The producer operates with low load, low gasification efficiency, large heat loss and large amount of raw material waste;
(2) The producer produces heat during production, and discharges part of coal gas into the air, which pollutes the air and wastes the coal;
(3) Hot standby stove wastes coals during standby stage, so of course wasters the coal;
(4) When the hot standby stove is put into operation, it requires treatment by blower to disperse part of coal gas, and then can be put into operation after qualified.
(5) Due to low load, the air blower, coal gas pressurizer and water pump have to consume more electricity.
There are also other indirect energy waste such as labor and materials. And examples will not be offered hereby. So we must stare from the important aspects, draw the emphasis of the whole plant, and rationally utilize coal gas to achieve real energy conservation.
1. We shall enhance the heating efficiency, further emphasize the rational stove installation and equilibrium production.
We usually pay attention to the heat efficiency of heating boiler such as the burner chew structure and shape, stove wall insulation and the waste heat recovery of smoke, but pay less attention to the rational stove installation and equilibrium production. In this way, even though advanced heating stove, due to small capacity its fuel waste is astonishing. And the unbalanced production, some work pieces are insulated and wait for material supply for days within the stove, so the fuel waste is extremely huge.
2. The full use of gas station and application of high-quality coal is of vital importance to the energy conservation of gas station.
At present, due to various problems in coal quality and operation, the carbon content in slag is as high as 30%, which has caused huge waste of coal, so energy conservation is very crucial.