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Can various types of coal be mixed and fed in the stove for gasification?

Considering different gasification performance, each type of coal has different properties, such as the ash fusion point, cohesiveness and reactivity, so each has the corresponding operation system and specified main technical parameters of technological operation, such as the gasification intensity, saturated temperature, tapping temperature, and control data for beds of materials; therefore, if coals with different performances are mixed and fed in the stove at the same time, it is difficult to master the technical parameters of technological operation.
1. For example, highly cohesive coals cannot be operated in thick-bed of materials, but weakly cohesive or non-cohesive coals can be operated in thick-bed of materials. So if they are processed in thick-coal bed, it is bound to result in the cementation of carbonization layer, which will increase the resistance of gas circulation, so it has to work with lower load. If it works under the condition of thin-coal bed and high tapping temperature, the quality of coal gas will be decreased.
2. Some coals have better reactivity for gasification reaction, the slag generated after gasification of such coal will contain non-gasified fixed carbon due to bad reactivity, and those non-gasified will be rotated with the ash pan and then discharged to the slag layer, which can lead to an increase in the carbon content in slag.
3. Before coals with different ash fusion points are fed into the stove, if the operation is under low saturated temperature, although slag generated from coals with high ash fusion points will not scorify, coals with low ash fusion points will scorify, which will influence the normal operation of the stove. Otherwise, under high saturated temperature operation,, the gasification layer of stove will work under low temperature, the quality of coal gas will decrease.
4. Therefore, only when the gasification property of two coals are similar, the mixed materials can gasify. It would be better that different types of coals are not mixed and fed in the stove for gasification. But if the material supply is difficult, different types of coals have to be mixed, the proportion shall be guaranteed. Meanwhile, on condition of such proportion, the appropriate operation parameters have to be selected, in particular, different categories of coals cannot be mixed for gasification, such as the soft coal and anthracite.