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The selection principle for coal gasfication

Based on the quality standards of coals applied in the fixed-bed coal gas producer, there are ten key factors. And the minimum quality standard of coals applied for gasification should satisfy those ten requirements; and if it fails to meet certain indicator in ten, it cannot be fed in the stove for gasification, or the stove condition will turn bad, the quality of coal gas will decrease and coal consumption will increase, or accidents may happen to producer equipment or purification equipment.
If several coal types for choice have met ten above requirements, then how to select the coal type applied in the producer? And the coal applied in the fixed-bed gasification should be:
1. The first is the ash fusion point, which is required to be high, because only under the condition of high ash fusion point, the temperature of oxidation layer has to be increased to reach a stable stove condition, and increase the gasification velocity and completeness.
2. Judge its cohesiveness by simple observation methods, for example, the coke button characteristics can be obtained after the test on the productivity of volatiles, the coals with 3# or below characteristics can be used for gasification coal, which can ensure that the stove condition remains stable because of serious cementation in the carbonization layer.
3. Select the coal with low ash content, the low ash content will lead to high content of fixed carbon, which can increase the gas production.
4. Select coals with appropriate volatiles, and coals with medium volatiles productivity, i.e., 22 —30% shall be selected. The overhigh ash content and overhigh volatile productivity can lead to low content of fixed carbon, which can guarantee the gasification rate. In the production of heating gas from soft coals, because of the high volatile it can become the gas and burn in the mixed heating gas, so the volatile productivity can be over 30%.
5. The appearance should be observed in the selection of coals, i.e., the color and luster, the appearance and gangue content.
(1) Select the lump coal and determine appropriate particle size, for example, the soft coal from 25 mm to 1000mm shall be selected. And the coal cannot be too fine, and the anthracite cannot be too large.
(2) Its appearance and color should be brilliant black no matter the soft coal or anthracite.
(3) It should be in block mass in terms of the appearance, especially the fracture of soft coal should be obtuse.
(4) Observe the content of gangue, where it is easy to find alum, or tabular dirt band, but those with lower content of gangue shall be selected.