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How to make comprehensive use of slag from the gas producer?

The solid residuals after gasification of feed coal in the gas producer are called slag or ash. Due to difference in coal types and gasification methods, the chemical contents and mineral composition of slag are different, but their chemical contents are mainly made up of compound of silicon, aluminum, iron and calcium, a small number of compound of magnesium, titanium, potassium, copper, phosphor, and slight cyanide.<
The coal slag slightly has slight or has no hydraulic gelling property, but in the presence of water after grinding, especially under the condition of steam curing, the chemical reaction of calcium hydroxide or other hydroxide can take place. And the compound with hydraulic gelling property can be generated. So it can be used as the construction materials, which is generally used for producing sample plates of coal slags or slag concrete, and the slags can be used for repairing road or indoor insulation and noise-absorbing materials.
Some residual rare metals exist in slags, and germanium, barium and uranium therein can be recovered at present.
The content of carbon in the slag of producer is generally 10-20 %. Coal-contained combustible in the coal cannot be recovered, which not only wastes the national resources, but also produces a bad effect on the comprehensive utilization of slags. So in some cities, slags with high content of coal will be processed into briquettes for burning. In this way, we can adequately recover the heat of coal, and make full use of slags.
Because the slag is porous alkaline substance, so it can be utilized in the sewage treatment system as filtering materials for pretreatment such as oil removal in the wastewater and solid impurity removal.