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How about the development trend of coal gasification?

Coal gas is a kind of clean secondary energy, and it can meet different industrial requirements due to convenient transportation and low pollution, so it is a gas material with an highly optimistic prospect.
Due to a lack of natural gas, limited financial resources, undeveloped development of urban coal gas, various industrial users must rely on the gas station built by themselves to produce coal gas. But at present, 3 meters and 3.2 meters of fixed layer coal gas producer are mainly applied. Are there any other new stoves? It is a question concerned by everyone.
Now outside of China, Winkler boiling gasifier, K —T pulverized coal stove, Lurgi pressurized gasifier, these 3 kinds of gasification stoves can be applied for industrial production. Now briefly introduce them one by one.
Winkler gasifier: It adopts the boiling type with crushed coal as the raw material and air or oxygen enrichment and steam as the gasification agent to produce low-heat value coal gas or medium-heat value coal gas. But it has a large amount of byproducts, with its carbon content up to 40%, and the fuel loss is severe. In recent years, such stove almost has no market.
K —T stove: Its raw material is pulverized coal, and its gasification agent is pure oxygen and steam. Under high temperature, the parallel flow gasifies and the liquid can discharge slags, which can produce the raw material of synthesis ammonia or fuel of coal gas. No harmful substances such as tar and phenols are generated, but with large oxygen consumption and high coal gas cost. There used be once testing producer inland.
Lurgi gasifier: Its raw material is small lump coal, and its gasification agent is air or oxygen and steam. Gasification takes place under the pressure of 30 kg/cm2, which is used for producing raw material or coal gas of middle heat value, with a wider application abroad. So far the 2.6m Lurgi gasifier is manufactured for urban coal gas production. But its tar and phenolic waste water needs to be treated, and we are somewhat experienced in production inland.
In terms of investment, the rank from high to low is: the oxygen station, K-T, Lurgi gasifier, and the general producing station.
In terms of technological level and operation management, Lurgi gasifier is a pressurized gasification system which requires higher management and maintenance level. Although the K —T stove is operated Atmospheric circulating fluidized bed gasifier, it is a system of continuous pulverized coal spraying, which has a high demand for continuity and automatic control of various parts. While ordinary producer is easier to mange.
In terms of coal type adaptation, each type of gasification has its own advantages and disadvantages. Among them, K —T stove has a wider application range, while Lurgi gasifier uses small lump coal, the general producer uses lump coal with higher requirements.
In terms of sewage treatment, K —T stove only has flying ash without tar and carbolisata aqua, so its pollution is the smallest. Lurgi gasifier is the same with ordinary producer, because both needs to dispose tar and phenolic wastewater.
Therefore, in terms of the domestic development trend, in few years some coal gas plant applying Lurgi gasifier will be built, but most of producer station will continue to produce and contribute to the economic development.