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What’s the advantage of HuangTai coal gasifier?

The gasifier of china is making an evolution at present, the high requirement of coal, labor fee increase, inconvenient operation, too many employees and other a series questions troubles the majority of users. After 10 years design and experiment of HuangTai Company, we develop the product of circulation liquid bed gas furnace which suitable to pulverized coal, overcome the limitation of fix-bed gas furnace. The circulation liquid gas furnace which use cheap pulverized coal can be widely used in aluminum, magnesium, steel, machinery, chemical, building materials, light industry, food and other industry, it has been received reorganization  of majority users and  widely used.  
The technology of circulation liquid gas furnace is one of the main ways of using coal in high efficient and clean, it is also the key process of modern coal chemical, IGCC and other clean energy industry. In 13,14 ,Nov 2012, huangtai coal gas stove company honestly invite the users of major design institutes in China and aluminum, magnesium, steel, machinery, chemical, building materials, light industry, food and other industry hold the promotion meeting of “the technology of circulation liquid gas furnace” in Jinan, in the meeting, the chairman ,top manager and vise manager made a detail introduction of the technology and future of circulation liquid bed , The conference achieved complete held.
The circulation liquid bed has the advantage of low cost of fuel and running, air gasification, the wide range of load, convenient to open and close, stable and reliable, it is easy to achieve large-scale, high efficient, environmental protection etc.
   Huangtai Company holds the service in every detail of the company running and management, and received the trust and support of majority customers.
In the whole management of Huangtai Company, we adhere to the "truth-seeking, innovative, pioneering, enterprising" spirit of enterprise, pay attention to the image management and cultural construction of enterprise, to establish a harmonious atmosphere and production environment, our company has been qualified “advance units outstanding enterprise management” and other qualifications, this lay a solid foundation for the stable development of enterprises.