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The technology of gasification makes the coal more environmental

In a long time, the coals takes the first chair of energy supply, but with the increase of environmental protection sense, direct burn the coal have low heat efficiency and cause serious pollution to the environment, and this have a serious effect on its first place. At the same time, with the technology improved and market requirement, the gas furnace emerged and changes the traditional coal direct combustion heating, with the technology of coal gasification change the polluted  coal heating resources to clean energy, supply energy to industrial production and residents living.
After continuous development, now our country gas furnace equipment technology has perfect. The reaction process of furnace gas generally has three stages. Firstly add the coal to gasifier, and then ignite the bottom coal, after ignition covered with thick coal seam in the above. Finally, drum into the air and steam. When the air and steam react with coal, we can get half water coal gas equipment which includes carbon monoxide and hydrogen, and then the whole progress of furnace is finished. In the burning layer, the coal was heated and gasified to dioxide with air; dioxide and red-hot carbon combined and produce monoxide .in addition, some heating gas furnace and steam produce some hydrogen, if you want cleaner gas ,you can select coke or anthracite coal.
In the New Year, we faced with new chance of development; Jinan huangtai coal gas furnace is a manufacturing enterprise engaged in various coal gas equipments and supporting de-dusting equipment, sewage treatment equipment, desulfuring equipment, B-class boiler, and etc. it is also a design company in complete electric and automatic system, providing a package service from the product design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning to after-sale service. In the foundation of traditional furnace, produce new products. With advanced technologies, excellent quality, our company provides consumers with a package service from project design, product design, manufacturing, installation, commissioning to after-sale service and “24 hours services” to users.