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Company successfully held Customer Fellowship and New Product Introduction Meeting

  On Nov. 13 of 2012, Ji'nan witnessed a ceremonious commencement of "Jinan Huangtai Coal Gas Stove Co., Ltd". Participants on invitation include midrange to high-end customers of J&D Technologies Development Ltd., Dongbei Special Steel Group Co., Ltd., Qilu Special Steel Co., Ltd, Xiwang Special Steel Company Limited, Chiping Xinfa Aluminum Product Co.,Ltd and national famous design institutes etc., who have supported and trusted Huangtai Coal Gas Stove Co.,Ltd and assisted it to expand more vast market for years.
  In the introduction meeting, Chairman Bian Jianguo warmly welcomed delegates at present, expressed sincere appreciation to enterprises in long-term support of company and recommended new products of pulverized coal gasification to people. General Manager Bian Haifeng introduced to delegates management and development of company and made commitment to all customers on behalf of Huangtai people that Jinan Huangtai Coal Gas Stove Co., Ltd will continue to exert themselves to provide high-quality products and honest service for customers. In terms of constant pressure circulating fluidized bed coal gasification technology, Vice-general manager Sun Yujuan made brilliant explanation and analysis of each aspect of new product of fluidized bed gasification, from development background, product application. Technological features and advantages, and comparison with same products. D Manager Wang Xiyong and Director Cui Lizhuang of Technological Research & Development Center made detailed introduction on "waste heat recovery and application of static bed coal gas" and "gas desulfurization" etc. By virtue of this meeting, Manager Liu Yunbin of Sales Department introduced classic project cases constructed by our company, and put forward unprecedented concessional sale activities towards new and old customers in order to provide first-class products for users with considerable services, favorable prices and best quality!
  Atmospheric circulating fluidized bed gasifier, which is developed specific to pulverized coal gasification, is the product developed through powerful alliance between our company and Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. On the research and development basis of Institute of Engineering Thermophysics, Chinese Academy of Sciences and in combination of more than years of our experiences in static bed gas generator manufacture, we jointly complete the series products of "constant pressure fluidized bed" which fills the national gap in this field and sits at the leading position in the world. It has multiple advantages such as low operation cost, convenient start-up and shutdown of stove, high gas production rate, good environmental performance and stable operation etc., and the gas production rate for each set can reach 25000 to 50000Nm3/h. After good result of commission in the Ningxia market, it now has expanded to general market, which brings great repercussion in the industry. We are actively looks forward to negotiation with both old and new customers.
  In the meeting, operator of National Gas Technological Information also made wonderful address in which he warmly congratulated the convention of this meeting and also reviewed past events of mutual cooperation and development with our company over the years. He held the belief that Huangtai Coal Gas Stove Co., Ltd is an honesty pragmatic enterprise who has the responsibility and capacity of pushing forward social development and enterprise development. At last, Fu Yongming expressed his best withes to Huangtai Coal Gas Stove and hoped that the company would continue to improve and innovate, adhere to communication and cooperation, provide better equipment with subsequent customers and create more double wins and social value.
  The product introduction meeting held by Jinan Huangtai Coal Gas Stove Co., Ltd is a high-grade, large-scale industrial activity. Yesterday's Huangtai was brilliant. Today's Huangtai is colorful. We are convinced that through Huangtai people's continuous effort, creative development, loyalty to product quality and to domestic and overseas customers, we will have more and more trust, support and assistance from them. Huangtai will be more glorious in the future!