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  • Two-stage coal gas producer

    The energy-efficient and two-stage producer with unique carbonization way reached the goal of energy-saving and environmental-protection.

  • Improved coal gas producer

    The improved coal gas producer, without the inherent disadvantages of original single-stage producer, increased by 10%-15% separately in terms of gasification efficiency and gas caloricity while the carbon content of clinker was reduced by 10%-20%.

  • Fluidized bed gasifier

    Circulating fluidized bed gasifier under normal pressure has overcome disadvantages of fixed-bed coal gas producer with small production with lump coal as the fuel and takes advantage of cheap pulverized coal to produce industrial gas to realize the mass production of equipment with the production up to 25000~50000 Nm3/h per set,

  • Electrofilter series

    The electrostatic precipitator from our company is divided into the honeycomb (FC) and tubular (C) electrical tar precipitator dominated by tar removal; the wet-type precipitator (SC and LSC) dominated by dust removal; and high-temperature electrical precipitator, and etc.

  • Coal gas desulfurization serie

    We have overcome the problem that it is easy for desulfurizing agent to lose efficacy due to the sulfur capacity in dry-type desulfurization system. And the desulfurization effect is good during steady production after the system is put into operation. It can decrease the discharge of sulfide during coal gas burning, reduce the environmental pollution, reduce the labor intensity of operators, and minimize operating cost, which has won the recognition and praises of users.

  • Carbolisata aqua disposal syst

    Carbolisata aqua burning system is to recycle the carbolisata aqua and store it in tanks, and then pump it into the burning section. At 1000℃, the carbolisata will undergo splitting decomposition, and the heat generated in the burning section will be recycled by the waste heat boiler. And the carbolisata aqua after splitting decomposition will reach zero discharge. The zero discharge of harmful substance in the gas station conforms to the environmental-protection requirements of large and medium-sized city. Carbolisata aqua burning system can make full use of coal gas or recycled tar as the fuel!

  • Waste heat utilization system

    Waste heat utilization system: We have developed different types of waste heat utilization system and waste heat recovery system: jacketed gravitational dust collection, shell and tube heat exchanging type, heat-conducting type of waste heat recovery evaporator, and other types of waste heat utilization and system, which can meet the demand of sensible heat application after different fuel production of different users and the waste heat application after burning carbolisata aqua. In this way, the sensible heat of coal gas can be made full use of to save energy and reduce energy consumption. It plays an important role in environmental protection, and can effectively achieve the objective of energy conservation and emission reduction.